Wednesday, 1 October 2014

St Louis Archaeological Society Sells Egyptian Treasure

From my latest article for The Art Newspaper.

The national leadership of the American Institute for Archaeology (AIA) has voiced its “deepest concern” over a planned sale on 2 October of ancient Egyptian “treasure” by a St Louis chapter of the organisation. The AIA says it was not consulted before the collection, estimated to bring in £80,000-£120,000, was consigned to auction at Bonhams, London.

“We are strongly opposed to the proposed sale”, says Ann Benbow, the executive director of the AIA, in an email to The Art Newspaper. “If [it] goes forward, it will tarnish the long-standing reputation of the AIA, which has a strong stance against the sale of antiquities… Archaeological artifacts should be cared for and made available for educational purposes, not put up for auction.” Benbow adds that the AIA has “formally asked the St Louis Society not to go forward with the sale and are awaiting their response”.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Ancient Tunnels Discovered under Turkish Home During Renovation

From my latest article for The Art Newspaper

Workers, renovating a home in central Anatolia, Turkey, were surprised to discover a network of ancient tunnels underneath the house. Mustafa Bozdemir, who inherited the single-storey house in Kayseri Province five years ago, has requested permission from local authorities to fully excavate the site.

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Egyptian Royal Jewels Found Stashed in Bank Vault

My latest article for The Art Newspaper

Egyptian authorities have confiscated 246 pieces of jewellery from the Mohamed Ali dynasty, named after the late 19th-century Ottoman ruler who is recognised as having brought the country into the Modern era. The ornate pieces, which include a 44-carat diamond and a platinum brooch inlaid with diamonds, will soon be put on display at the Royal Jewellery Museum in Alexandria.

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Jordanian Shopkeeper now Helps Protect Petra

My latest article for The Art Newspaper...

A former shopkeeper in Jordan is now using his rock climbing skills to help preserve the ancient site of Petra, thanks to a Unesco project.
The Siq Stability Project—which has trained locals to help monitors the gorge that runs through Petra—has had a life-changing impact on Ataf Al Fager of the Bedouin village Um Sayhoun, next to Petra. While he previously sold souvenirs to tourists, Al Fager has now been trained in rock climbing techniques, allowing him to monitor the optical prisms installed on the rock face, used as reflectors by surveyors.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bolton Museum makes bid for £1.8m Egyptology wing

From my latest article for The Art Newspaper

The Bolton Museum in northern England is planning a £1.8m Egyptology wing that will include a life-size facsimile of the burial chamber of King Tuthmosis III. Awarded £115,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2012 to update their Egyptian galleries, the museum is now planning to make a bid for a second lottery grant that would allow it to build an entirely new display area above the current museum and library, dedicated to the art and culture of ancient Egypt.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I've been Interviewed

I've been interviewed by the online journal Egyptological. To read about my thoughts on Egyptian Mythology, and my upcoming projects, check out the following link: An Interview with Dr Garry Shaw

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Egypt tracks down suspected looted works to Europe

From my latest article for The Art Newspaper

Five ancient Egyptian artefacts, allegedly stolen from the same tomb in south Saqqara sometime during the past 13 years, have been located in Budapest and Paris, reports Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities.

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